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Train Service

There might be people who love travelling in trains. Being travelers, yes we too agree- that would be more enjoying! For such people, we’re ready with train tickets delivery service. So.., no more barriers are left in your crate; choose your favorite ‘round the world’ routes.., explore!.

Hotel Service

While planning our vacations, most of us might want more of just a ‘home away from home’ rather than a big to-do! In light of this, we started providing hotel booking service. We can arrange a home stay till five star hotel stay, as per your choice. We simply want your total journey experience to be perfect!.

CAB Service

we have a confident and reliable network. Call us any time, any where and we can guarantee you to receive a cab service to your convenience.

Flight Service

Close your eyes and get ready to escape to your favorite destinations! Shelter Holidays is ready with air tickets (domestic (Kerala tour packages, India tour packages), International and all low cost carriers) and airport transfer for your comfortable voyage. We cater passport and visa services too..

Bus Service

We have tailor-made-packages, car rents and bus services. Our dynamic transport service will lead your way to lovable destinations..!.

Visa Service

we help thousands of tourists with visa applications. With our unique visa management system we can ensure to take care of your request hassle free and is approved quickly.

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